A RocketUncle (Zyllem) Experience 

I was clearing my annual leave this whole week and had the opportunity to try out something interesting with the extra free time I had. 

Introducing RocketUncle (now known as Zyllem), a leading provider of fast, cost-effective and reliable same-day delivery service in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines since it was founded in 2013. The Zyllem app is available to both customers and couriers so they can readily access the services on their mobile devices. 

Zyllem was introduced to me by my friend recently. Depending on the urgency/timing of the job and its package size, a courier can earn between $5 – $15 per delivery. He mentioned that Zyllem was more of a supplement to cover some petrol, parking fees and kopi/makan money.

After fiddling around with the app, it seems the average courier fees one can earn per delivery was about $6 (not inclusive of out-of-pocket expenses like parking fees or ERP charges). I wanted to see if it can be a good source of income if one were to commit full-time being a Zyllem courier, probably making about 20 trips daily.

There are 3 considerations for me:

1. Most HDB car parks allow a 10-min grace period, so if I am in and out fast enough, I can avoid parking fees. 

2. I intend to take up jobs where I do not have to enter the CBD area, thus avoiding any ERP charges.

3. Lastly, I will study the routes of available jobs. In order to cut down on petrol wastage, it makes sense to plan the pickup and delivery routes in the most fuel efficient way. 

Below is a screenshot of my travel route for 26th December:

Green = Pickup

Red = Delivery

Notice how all the pickup and delivery locations are within close proximity of each other. It would be ideal if I had a pickup near my starting point in Boon Lay to “justify” the drive towards the east. Too bad there was none that Saturday morning. 
I started off at 8.45am with a total of 6 jobs assigned. One by one, I collected the courier items from the senders. 

However, there were 2 pickups which couldn’t be made due to the following reasons:

1. Sender forgot to bring the item to office for pickup 

2. Sender indicated the wrong pickup address

Sender #1 was very nice and told me to treat the delivery as complete because I had already made the trip down to the office. 

Sender #2 wasn’t at the pickup location because the item was supposed to be picked up from her home, and her home was not near at all to her office where I was “patiently” waiting outside. She asked if it was alright for me to leave the order as “Unfulfilled” at this moment and that pickup be carried out on Monday instead. I told her honestly that I wasn’t doing Zyllem full-time and I won’t be doing any pickups on Monday. 

I later rejected the delivery via the app and entered my reasons for doing so. I hope Zyllem will still reimburse me for my wasted trip down to Sender #2’s wrong pickup location. 

Making my deliveries back in the west, I completed my jobs by 11.45am and had clocked a total of 88km, at a F/C rate of 9.1l/100km. I had used up about 8 liters of petrol and considering I paid $1.666 per liter, my cost was about $13.35.
These jobs would pay out a total of $37.65 (excluding that 1 trip I had rejected). Less the petrol cost, and it should be a nett “earning” of $24.30.

What may seem like only $24.30, can actually help to cover 3 meals daily for maybe 2 days. Imagine if one had taken up 3x as many jobs in 1 day, he/she could potentially earned about $65 – $73; or $1,300 – $1,460 monthly (considering 20 work days).

I am not saying that this can/will be my full-time job because the income just isn’t sufficient for my current financial commitments in life. However, this may still be considered good income for someone else in need of money but unable to command a higher salary.

I have learnt to appreciate the efforts put in by delivery couriers and have new found respect for them.

They will face frustrations when wrong information (like pickup or delivery addresses) is being passed down or face difficult senders/recipients, causing them wasted trips and time. However, come rain or shine, they do their best to try ensure their jobs are completed and provide a source of income for themselves and/or their families. 

The next time I placed an order online with delivery, I will think of the hardworking courier who will be delivering my package to my door step. Thank you very much!