A Visit to the Basketball Court

Ran around with joy when he knew I was going to bring him down for a walk
Ran around with joy when he knew I was going to bring him down for a walk

Evan in the lift

Evan 15082014-4

Evan 15082014-9

Evan 15082014-7

Evan 15082014-3

Evan 15082014-6

Evan 15082014-10
Taking a fall for being careless and not watching his step

Evan’s Hysterical Giggle

As Evan starts to interact with us, Frances (my wife) tries ways to amuse him (and ourselves). This is the first hysterical giggle of Evan captured on video.

Evan – 22 Days Old


Evan has stepped into the lives of many; Frances’ and mine, my parents’ and my grandparents’ (not forgetting our close friends as well). It is quite uncommon nowadays (in Singapore maybe) to see a family of 4 generations having the fortune of connecting with one another at the same time.

It is comforting (to me) to know that Evan is the 1st great-grandson with the surname Lim under my grandfather’s direct family tree. It may not mean much to some these days, but me being a traditional-thinking guy, feels it’s my responsibility to bear a son in order to carry on the family line. Nonetheless, Frances and I would still be happy even if our first child was a girl. And it’s time for us to walk down this journey of parenthood together, hand-in-hand.

Here is Evan at 22 days old.

I was actually rushing off to work that morning, but I wanted to capture as many shots as I can of him as a baby since children these days grow up way too fast, especially in Singapore.

Grabbed my X100S and decided to shoot through the wooden grills of the baby cot. With the soft morning light shining in from his left and the cot grills on his right, I was able to capture their reflections in his eyes.




Baby Dreams

Had a weird dream last night.

Wifey bore me a beautiful daughter and we were all anxiously waiting for her to utter her first “Mama” or “Dada”. Instead she mumbled “A-ma” (Aka Grandma) to my mother standing behind me when I was holding her in my arms. Next few words that followed were “Dada” and finally “Mama” to Wifey.

The next few scenes in my dream was just me constantly taking care of our daughter, without Wifey in sight. This meant I had become a 企鹅爸爸

Wonder the true meaning of this dream…