Ponies at the Playground

Every time I walk past the playground, I can imagine both Evan and Emma having much fun on these pony rides…

Ponies at the Playground


Educating Kids Today

Finished my lunch and took the lift back to office. It was filled with 7 persons; I won’t go into details how we were positioned but basically, I was standing in the middle, with a lady to my right, a small boy behind her and his mother behind me.

The boy (probably around the age of 7-8) was fidgeting behind the lady and I think he may have accidentally touched her a few times. The lady got uncomfortable, turned back, looked at the boy and moved forward. The mother noticed this and immediately shouted (in the lift -_-” ),”Don’t touch the lady! She has got issues.”

The boy must have been frightened by his mother’s reaction and hurried to her side, hugging her right thigh. At this point, I have repositioned myself to where the boy was but kept close to my “safety” corner.

The mother continued,”She probably doesn’t realize you are just a kid.”


As the lady arrived at her floor, she turned to the mother, said in a calm tone,”It’s not an issue about the kid. It’s how you bring the kid up.” and walked out.

The mother went,”Ya right!” as the lift doors were closing.


After a while, a man standing to the top-left corner of the lift said that it’s impossible for a kid to not move about at his age. The mother agreed and said that the lady probably didn’t have kids of her own. She also mentioned how stupid the lady was. They seem to suddenly become “friends” and starting chatting.

I arrived at my floor, and quickly got out, ending the short but interesting “journey” in the lift.


At this point, what would be going on in your head?

Do you think the lady was in any wrong to get uncomfortable, turn back and look at the kid? Or do you think that the mother was over-reacting by raising her voice and then say mean things about the lady?

Do you think kids can be brought up to properly behave himself/herself in public? Or do you think that kids should be allowed to have no restrictions on their behavior at all?

Well, I don’t exactly have a kid of my own now so some may think that I am not in a position to comment on this. However, what I can say is that my boy will be arriving soon, in April.

In my opinion, I believe that the lady was not, in any way, wrong and I applaud her for staying so calm despite the mother raising her voice and all in such a confined space. Kids have to be educated from young to behave themselves in public and not make a nuisance of themselves. I have seen many of my friends’ kids doing just that.

Yes, there can be fun times where kids are allowed to go wild and have fun, but perhaps that depends on the location and occasion. If it’s a playgroup session or playground, I would say “SURE! Go ahead and have fun! BUT watch how your actions/behavior may impact/influence/affect others.”

I get quite irritated when I see kids running about in the SMRT train cabins, get on and off the seats, some even climbed up the support poles and grabbed onto the dangling hand supports. Such behavior actually make the kids look like monkeys who have been let out of their cages or something.

I am proud to say that my mother has properly brought my siblings and I up very well and I thank her for this. If a kid, like myself, can be taught to behave properly in public, there’s no excuse for parents to say that educating kids from young cannot be done.